Best fielders in the history of Pakistan cricket

Best fielders in the history of Pakistan’s cricket

The Pakistan cricket team has never been known for its fielding abilities, and with fielding becoming increasingly important in the modern game, the Men in Green must continue to improve in this area.

The Green Shirts have never been endowed with world-class fielders, but that is changing as a greater emphasis is placed on this area. The advent of Shadab Khan, Babar Azam, Shaheen Afridi, and Fakhar Zaman, all considered outstanding fielders, has undoubtedly altered the way fielding is viewed in this region of the world. While there haven’t been many gun fielders in Pakistan’s cricket history, there have been a few players’ top-class fielders. Let’s take a look at the top five Green Jersey fielders:

Imran Nazir

When he first joined the team in 1999, the swashbuckling opener was a breath of fresh air. Imran’s batting talent is well-known around the world, but his fielding provided a much-needed boost to an otherwise deficient fielding team.

In the point and gully area, Imran regard as one of the best fielders in the globe. His catching ability was second to none, and his fiery personality complimented his team’s strong bowling by saving critical runs. Imran Nazir is widely recognize as one of Pakistan’s best fielders, and he will go down in history as one of the game’s best fielders. In his brief but illustrious international career, Imran grabbed 26 ODI catches and 11 T20I catches.

Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan is an important member of the limited-overs setup for the national team. The exciting all-rounder is define as a “four-dimensional” athlete with outstanding bowling, batting, fielding, and leadership abilities.

Since his international debut in 2017, the 23-year-old has seen a stratospheric climb. While his batting and bowling abilities were lauded, his fielding abilities were equally impressive. Shadab’s ability to read the game and position himself perfectly to capture catches makes him one of the most entertaining fielders in the world.

Few players in the world of cricket are better on the field than him, and if he can keep his fitness in check, he has the potential to be right at the top. Pakistan’s limited-overs vice-captain is quick on the field and has a safe pair of hands. In his brief international career, he has already taken 36 receptions and will take many more in the years ahead.

Shoaib Malik

At 40 years old, Pakistan’s senior all-rounder is as safe a fielder as he was when he first got into the team at the age of 19. Malik is a fitness role model for young cricketers, with high fitness standards and the ability to assess the situation.

The seasoned all-rounder has one of the safest sets of hands in international cricket and is lightning quick as a boundary rider. While on the field, Malik exudes serenity, and there is no doubt that he will make the grab when he is underneath the ball.

Malik’s fielding ability is so high that he is still considered one of the best in Pakistan cricket. Few players in the world of cricket can equal Malik’s intensity on the field. In T20Is, Malik has the most catches for the Men in Green, while in ODIs, he is fourth on the list. Malik will go down in history as one of Pakistan’s best fielders, with over 150 catches in international cricket.

Fawad Alam

Fawad Alam was as swift and as nimble as any fielder in global cricket during his best years, despite his advanced age. The unorthodox middle-order batter may have piqued cricket fans’ interest with his odd posture, but it was his incredible fielding ability that first got him into the national team.

Fawad made his international debut in 2007 and regard as a bit-part player throughout his early years in the game. While Pakistan did not use him as much as he would have liked in the batting and bowling departments. His primary role in the team was as a fielder.

In the early stages of his career, his superb catching abilities. And pinpoint throw made him one of the best fielders in the world. While Pakistan’s batting unit suffered as a result of his almost decade-long absence from the national team. The fielding unit undoubtedly missed his zeal. Despite his amazing fielding ability, Fawad has only taken 30 international catches.

Ijaz Ahmed

Ijaz an outlier in a period when fielding not value as highly as the other two departments. He held his own on the cricket pitch despite not being as fit as the other players on the list. His unique hitting posture drew attention at first. But he rapidly dispelled any doubts with outstanding performances with the bat and on the field.

Early in his career, Ijaz frequently place inside the circle at the square position. And mid-on before being move to the crucial position of point and gully. His outstanding performance on the field has established him as one of Pakistan’s best fielders. In a career spanning more than 15 years, the 53-year-old has played. 60 Tests and 250 ODIs for the Men in Green. Before retiring from international cricket in 2001, he had taken 135 catches.

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