Dua Zahra family said that the marriage is fake

Dua Zehra parents denounce claims of son’s marriage by choice

KARACHI News –The mother of Dua Zehra pleads that her son should be brought to Karachi. While talking to the media, Dua Zahra mother said that there’s a strong possibility that her son is being blackmail. Our child is being pressurize into giving similar statements, Dua’s mother further stated.

The father of the kidnapped girl said

The mother of Dua Zehra also said that the kidnappers initiated the contact with our son through online game. The father of the kidnap girl also said. While talking to the media, that anyone is free to ask anyone from my home or indeed from the neighbors. They will each tell you how important I take care of my son, thus what Dua said is pressurize statement.

The parents further revealed that our marriage isn’t 18 times old

The parents further revealed that our marriage isn’t 18 times old, how can our son be of that age. While the girl has filed a solicitation in the Sessions Court requesting the court to refrain the police from draining her and her hubby. The court has approved her plea and has ordered the police to stop while the case is underway. Before, the father of one of the three missing girls, Dua Zahra, rejected the surfing news of her recovery saying that he has no indication about his son Dua and the news of her recovery isn’t true.

Police from Punjab and Sindh have been coordinating over the case

According to the details, Dua Zahra’s father while talking to media said that his son has not been plant. He further added that Police from Punjab and Sindh have been coordinating over the case, but the recovery of his son has not been verified yet. My son will be 14 times old in four days, he continued saying. However, I’ll tell her to come home, said Dua’s father, if my son is harkening.

Chief Minister (CM) of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah

While on the other hand, the police sources said that they’ve traced the fourteen time old from Lahore whereas Dua had gone missing from the Golden Town Al Falah, area of Karachi. Meanwhile, Chief Minister (CM) of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah also verified that the police and other law administering agencies have traced the girl.

Other than Dua Zahra, other rapes had taken the risk of girl’s rapes up to three in the once ten days in Karachi. According to the details, all three girls got married. She married a person name Zaheer in Lahore while Nimrah married in DG Khan and Dinar get marry in Vihari. Missing Dua Zehra from Karachi trace from Lahore ten days latterly and Karachi police also inform in this regard, while the girl is likely to be hand over to her parents soon.

Police stated that Dua Zehra got married in Lahore

The police stated that Dua Zehra get marry in Lahore and her marriage instrument attain. Probing Authorities privy to the development said that. Dua get marry on April 17 in Lahore and in marriage instrument. Her age written as 18 times and Rs as dowry written.

Provincial Minister Shehla Raza reached Dua Zahra’s house

The Provincial Minister Shehla Raza reached Dua Zahra’s house. And while talking to the media said that our prayer is that the girl recover soon. Shehla Raza see Dua’s B- form and stated that the girl is 13 to 14 times old. Sindh police won’t advertise until the videotape clip of the girl arrives, Shehla added. Shehla Raza further said that the marriage of an 18- time-old girl is illegal according to law. And the issue of marriage also be look into and police post outside every house.

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