Firefox is Now One of the Most Secure Browsers Available

After a recent update Firefox is now one of the most secure browsers available

Firefox has added a new security capability to its arsenal, making it one of the world’s most secure browsers. The move might reignite the browser warfare between the tech giants.

Following the release of its new Total Cookie Protection function, Mozilla Firefox now claims to be the most private and secure browser for Windows and Mac. Instead of following the user throughout the web and tracking them, this programmer will lock browser cookies to the site from which they were created. All Firefox users will now have it as their default browser.

Cookie Protection

Total Cookie Protection was first released in 2021, but users had to explicitly enable it. When utilizing Firefox privacy mode, it would only switch on automatically.

It works by allowing the tool to establish distinct “cookie jars” for each website, with all of its cookies remaining in that jar. Website trackers no longer be able to correlate your online browsing behavior across many websites, and instead be limited to individual sites.Cookie Protection

Mozilla’s Blog Post

According to Mozilla’s blog post, “no other websites can reach into the cookie jars that don’t belong to them. And find out what the other websites’ cookies know about you,” allowing you to be free of intrusive adverts. And limiting the amount of information that firms collect about you.

Mozilla thinks that by releasing this update, it will be able to increase. Its market share versus other internet browser behemoths like Google Chrome.

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