How much free fuel KP’s Ministers and Officials Will Get

Free fuel KP’s Ministers and Officials Will Get

All provincial government agencies, institutions, and organizations have received revised free monthly fuel allotment from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

Provincial ministers will now receive 390 liters of free gasoline, while the Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, Finance Secretary, and Inspector General of Police (IGP) will receive 146 liters, according to details. They were formerly entitled to 600 liters of free fuel per month.

The remaining department secretaries, commissioners, and deputy inspector generals (DIGs) will now receive 130 liters instead of the last 200 liters.

Fuel 104 liters instead of the previous 160 liters

Deputy Commissioners (DCs) will receive 104 liters instead of the previous 160 liters, and the Chairman of the KP Public Service Commission would receive 98 liters instead of 150 liters.

Following a huge increase in the price of petroleum products, the Chief Minister of KP, Mehmood Khan, approved lowering the free fuel allotment of ministers and employees by 35 percent.

Monthly free fuel quota

After citizens protested against the monthly free petrol quota and the provision of subsidized petrol to former and current presidents, prime ministers, chief ministers, governors, judges, federal and provincial ministers, bureaucrats, government employees, and members of the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies, the decision made.

Given the recent significant increase in POL prices. The decision made to curtail spending and reduce the strain on the public coffers.

Field offices, on the other hand, have varying fuel limits depending on their needs

According to one government employee, the provincial government’s gasoline budget reduced. “They used to have Rs100 for fuel, but today they only had Rs60.”

The move, according to the public servant. Aim at ensuring public officials consume less petrol at the expense of the public purse.

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