How much prices KIA increased this year on their cars

KIA increased prices of cars 

Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL) was praised for its capability to maintain vehicle prices in 2020 and 2021. Sorely, the devaluation of original currency and increase in freight charges have putatively overpowered the Korean automaker. Moreover as per a recent announcement, the company has increased the prices of stylish- dealing KIA vehicles in Pakistan, videlicet, Sportage, Stonic, and Picanto. Further effective incontinently, the new prices are as follows:
Variants                                  Old Price (Rs.)                    Revised Price (Rs.)                    Increase (Rs.)

1-Picanto M/ T                              2,400,000                                  2,600,000                                  20,000

2-Picanto A/ T                               2,500,000                                  2,700,000                                  20,000

3-Sportage Alpha                          5,000,000                                  5,300,000                                 300,000

4-Sportage FWD                           5,500,000                                  5,800,000                                 300,000

5-Sportage AWD                          6,000,000                                  63,00,000                                 300,000

6-Stonic Partner                           4,150,000                                   4,425,000                                275,000

7-Stonic Partner                           4,450,000                                   4,725,000                                275,000

Lately, LMCL had suspended the bookings for all of the forenamed Kia models. The announcement didn’t include any reason behind the suspense but has stressed that it’s only temporary. According to a dealership representative, the bookings are still unrestricted, but will probably renew coming week.
Further LMCL has increased the prices of Kia’s top- dealing buses for the third time within 3 months. It has also conceivably initiated another surge of price hikes in the automotive assiduity.

Moreover KIA Lucky Motors Pakistan increased prices on colorful makes and models over the weekend, according to rates available on the company website. Although there was no sanctioned advertisement, data available with dealers also says ex-factory prices of KIA Sportage, Picanto, and Carnival were increased by as important as Rs500, 000.

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