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How rickshaw drivers beat the heat in a rickshaw

Rickshaw drivers beat the heat in a rickshaw

The current heatwave has been a major source of concern. However, a Punjabi rickshaw driver has devised an amazing technique to combat extreme heat. A rickshaw with a small air conditioner attached in the back has gone viral on social media. The rickshaw driver built a shelf for the cooler out of iron bars, which faces the front and blows cold air through an inlet channel at the back.

Kumar claims that the thick area of green keeps the vehicle cool even when temperatures in the Indian capital reach 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit), hot enough to melt the asphalt on the roadways. Kumar, 48, has planted over 20 different bushes, crops, and flowers, attracting commuters and passers-by who stop to take selfies and photos of the unique “moving garden.”

Save water for the cooler

By tying a huge can of water next to the air cooler. The driver has also developed a cold water circulation system. He’s probably done this to save water for the cooler. Which doesn’t have a water pan large enough to store an entire day’s worth of water.

It’s also likely that the cooler only functions. When the rikshaw is idle or driving because neither the rickshaw’s battery nor its engine can maintain the cooler’s load on their own. The scorching heat has driven this enterprising rikshaw to devise. An odd but efficient remedy, demonstrating Pakistanis’ creativity.

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