How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan

Bitcoin is digital money that runs without any kind of centralized management, bank supervision, or government regulation. Instead, it uses cryptography and peer-to-peer software.

All bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger, and copies of it are stored on servers all around the world. One of these servers referred to as a node can be installed by anyone with an extra computer. Instead of relying on a single point of trust, such as a bank, these nodes cryptographically agree on who is in possession of whose coins.

Through holding cryptocurrency, many investors in Asia have diversified their portfolios. Investors are looking for the simplest approach to invest in Bitcoin because it is the most well-known. We researched the market and discovered the most convenient option to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan.

Open an account with one of the aforementioned cryptocurrency exchanges right away to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) in Pakistan and benefit from our special discounts.

You can buy bitcoin from these platforms:

  • Paxful
  • Binance
  • com
  • BitOasis
  • Remitano

How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan with a credit card

Investors may effortlessly purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan thanks to Paxful. Its platform is ideal for newcomers to begin trading Bitcoin. Out of most platforms, Paxful offers the simplest approach to depositing money because it supports 350 different payment methods. Investors can make use of gift cards, e-wallets, and Paypal in addition to more conventional ways like cards and bank wiring. Even cash transactions are accepted.

Select BTC as the chosen mode of payment, then enter the desired amount to invest in Bitcoin using Paxful. On this platform, a deposit of $10 is required to buy one bitcoin. Paxful’s platform was specifically created for new users and is set up more for investing than trading. In that it presents a variety of offers from foreign dealers, it differs slightly from other exchange platforms.

The fact that purchasers don’t pay a fee to trade on Paxful is fantastic news for them. Costs are borne by the vendors. Selling by bank transfer will cost you 0.5% while selling via credit card will cost you 1%. Buyers of cryptocurrencies are given rates based on their level of verification, payment options, and currency pairs. On this site, sending and receiving bitcoin is completely free.

Create a Paxful account

To receive a free Bitcoin wallet with two-factor authentication, create and validate an account. It takes only a few minutes to set up your account. A working phone, email, and ID are all you need to get started.

Search a vendor

Choose Buy Bitcoin under Buy on the main menu. You can use the sidebar widget to search for regional and worldwide merchants who meet your needs by entering the amount you wish to spend, your preferred currency, and your preferred payment method.

For all User Types (Ambassador, Associate, etc.), we advise filtering in order to only display the most reliable vendors that have gone through extra security checks from Paxful.

Read the details

For the vendor’s terms, click the Buy button. A snapshot of the money in your online wallet, a picture of your bank’s deposit slip, or a copy of the gift card you bought may also be requested by vendors, depending on the payment method. For further protection, some merchants may also request that you transmit a selfie while carrying a legitimate ID.

Start trading

Set the quantity of Bitcoin you wish to purchase in the widget, and then click Buy now to begin the transaction if you are able to abide by the seller’s terms. Afterward this will start a live conversation with the seller where you may get more guidance on how to finish the transaction. Please refrain from communicating outside of Paxful because the live chat logs all conversations and will protect you if you have any issues.

Send money and get your Bitcoins

Transfer the payment and click Paid right away after the vendor provides the all-clear and all requirements have been met. In order to prevent your trade partner from accepting your payment and holding onto the cryptocurrency, the vendor’s BTC is currently secured in escrow. The Bitcoin released from escrow and transferred to your Paxful Wallet as soon as the seller accepts your payment.

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