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How to take a screenshot on the Oculus Quest 2

There are a lot of energizing, incredible looking applications and games accessible on the Oculus Quest 2, from the brilliant lights of Beat Saber to relaxed shading encounters on Color Space, generally ready for screenshot ting and sharing via web-based media – yet how would you make it happen?

Turns out there are different ways of taking screenshot and recordings on the Oculus Quest 2, including a secret regulator alternate way that is not clarified during the arrangement cycle.

Here, we tell you the best way to take audit and offer screenshot on your Oculus Quest 2.

Take a screen capture on Quest 2 utilizing the Oculus Touch regulator

The most straightforward method for taking a screenshot is to utilize the Oculus Touch regulators, yet without a committed screenshot button, how would you make it happen? Turns out it’s nearly pretty much as simple as taking a screen capture on a cell phone – you simply need to realize which buttons to press.

On your Oculus Touch regulators, essentially hold the Oculus button on the right regulator and press the trigger on both of your regulators to take a screen capture.

Assuming its effective, you ought to hear a camera shade and get a notice telling you that you’ve taken a screen capture.

Take a screen capture or video utilizing on Quest 2 utilizing on-screen controls

On the off chance that, out of the blue, you can’t take screen captures utilizing the Oculus Touch regulators. There is a method for setting off the usefulness utilizing on-screen controls from inside the virtual world – however it’s not exactly as speedy and simple as some would like.

To catch a screen capture or record a video of a virtual game or experience on the Oculus Quest 2 utilizing on-screen controls. Hit the Oculus button on the right regulator to take you to the Oculus menu.

From here, you’ll have the option to get back to the application. Close the application, or start either a screen capture. Video or cast your view to a neighborhood Chrome cast gadget utilizing the proper buttons. Select either screen capture or video and you’ll be returned to your application and it’ll be caught inside several seconds.

Instructions to see caught screen shoot

There are two methods for survey caught content on your Oculus Quest 2; utilizing the Sharing tab, or the Files application.

To rapidly take a gander at as of late caught content. The most straightforward way is to get to the Sharing menu. The symbol with a bolt uttermost to one side on the refreshed Oculus toolbar. From here, you can tap on the symbols of as of late caught content to see them.

Afterward assuming there’s a more seasoned screen capture or video that you might want to find. You’re in an ideal situation utilizing the Files application. Open by means of the Apps menu on the Oculus home screen. The Files application offers a method for getting to every one of the information put away on your Quest 2 headset.

Whenever you’ve opened the Files application, select the media tab on the left-hand menu. You’ll then, at that point, have the option to peruse all screen captures. And recordings as of now put away on the headset.

Reward tip assuming that you’re running Oculus programming v32 or later. You’ll have the option to match up the catches with the Oculus application on your cell phone. Simply tap the cloud symbol in the upper right corner to empower the usefulness. And open the Oculus application on your cell phone to start the sync interaction. It has never been simpler to share screen captures from the Quest 2.

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