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How to utilize Face ID with a mask on an iPhone

How to utilize Face ID with a mask on an iPhone

When wearing a mask, using Face ID isn’t always easy, but that’s improved with the introduction of iOS 15.4. When it initially debuted on the iPhone X, Apple’s Face ID technology was a game-changer, giving users a secure way to unlock their phones without having to do anything other than stare at the screen. Isn’t it simple?

Naturally, the pandemic struck in 2020, and the number of people wearing masks all around the world skyrocketed. Face ID requires a full view of your face to confirm it’s you, so what was Apple to do?

Apple chose to go the software way instead

While it seemed reasonable to integrate Touch ID into the power button, like Apple did with the iPad Air and mini, Apple chose to go the software way instead. If you have an open Apple Watch nearby, you can unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask on iOS 14. That worked well, but it necessitated the use of a pricey wearable, which many individuals lack.

With iOS 15.4, Apple appears to have gone back to the drawing board and introduced a new option to use Face ID with a mask. It concentrates more on your eyes than on the rest of your face. What’s the catch? It doesn’t operate automatically; you’ll have to re-scan your face to give the technology the additional information it needs.

It’s also confine to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, with owners of the iPhone X, XS, and 11 apparently missing out on the new features. We teach you how to utilize Face ID with a mask in iOS 15.4 now that it’s available for download.

How to use Face ID to unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask

You should be requested to re-setup Face ID for use with a mask after updating your iPhone 12 or 13. Here’s how to re-scan your face if you weren’t asked to do so during the iOS 15.4 setup or if you ignored the prompt:

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. For verification, tap Face ID & Passcode and input your passcode.
  3. On the ‘Use Face ID with a Mask’ switch, toggle it on.
  4. To get start, tap ‘Use Face ID with a Mask.’
  5. After the scan is finish, tap ‘Add Glasses’ to show Face ID how your glasses seem. Unlike with basic Face ID, you’ll have to repeat this procedure for each pair of glasses you use on a regular basis.
  6. That’s it! Even if you’re wearing a face mask, you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone with Face ID.

It’s worth noting that Face ID in iOS 15.4 requires seeing the eyes and forehead to fully verify. Thus you won’t be able to use your iPhone when wearing a face mask, sunglasses, and a beanie cap. Apple’s Face ID technology is great, but it isn’t magic.

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