Imran khan heart touching Dua on 27th Ramadan

Imran Khan and Malana Tariq Jameel Heart Touching Dua on 27 Ramadan

Great Islamic priest Malana Tariq Jameel offered a special prayer for the country on Thursday. Ramadan 27, a night examines one of the precious nights for Muslims. Hoping for a better future for Pakistan and its dominion. Malana’s Dua ventilated in Sama TV show 7 to 8 with Kiran Naaz. He said that Pakistan has seen the trounce political disaster and is awaiting to get superior in the days to come. The Maulana mentioned in the abolition of PTI president Imran Khan Primary this month. Which the former prime minister assert was adapt by the United States. Talking about assisting in PTI’s Shab-e-Dua. Malana Tariq Jameel illuminate that he will attend PTI’s program regardless of any political heed. “I will pray for Pakistan, not for PTI,” he said.

Imran khan heart touching Dua on 27th Ramadan

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