In Islamabad, the wildfire destroyed the whole forest

TikToker dolly destroyed the whole forest just because of fame

TikToker dolly destroyed the whole forest just because of fame

Forests from Monal to QAU may have been destroyed by a recent wildfire

A recent fire in Islamabad Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) and Haripur may have devastated thousands of acres of woodland from Monal Restaurant to Quaid-e-Azam University if the necessary authorities had not acted quickly enough.

It reveal during a recent briefing provide to members of the Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change by Irfan Niazi, Director of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Environment Wing.

MHNP in the Haripur

According to details, several young lads recently captured lighting fire to MHNP in the Haripur region. Which is also close to Islamabad. The video went viral and sparked outrage on social media.

The miscreants charge under relevant environmental protection legislation after an FIR filed against them. They apprehend, and the police secure their remand. While the investigation continues apace.

TikToker Dolly shoot a promotional video with fire

A video of a popular model and TikToker, Dolly, recording a promotional video with a big region along with the Hazara Motorway on fire became viral on social media sites in a different event.

Afterward Social media users lambasted the TikToker for jeopardising birds and animals’ natural habitats. Leading her to remove the video from all of her social media sites.

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