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MERE HUMSAFAR |EPISODE 1| Full promo |Full review


Below is the episode 1 story of the drama ‘Mere Humsafar‘ that was publicize on 30 December 2021.


  • Hania Amir as Hala Nafees Ahmad/ Hala Hamza Ahmad
  • Farhan Saeed as Hamza Raees Ahmad


  • Saba Hameed as Shahjahan Raees Ahmad, Raees’s Wife, Hamza & Roomi’s Mother,
  • Sameen’s aunt, Riffat’s elder Son-in- law, Sofia’s family & family-in- law
  • Waseem Abbas as Raees Ahmad; Riffat’s elder son Hamza & Roomi’s Father, Sameen’s Uncle, Nafees & Jalees’s Brother
  • Samina Ahmed as Riffat/ Dadi; The headof Kashana-e-Riffat. Raees, Nafees & Jalees’s
  • Mother, Shajahan & Sofia’s Mother-in- law & aunt, Hala, Hamza, Roomi & Sameen’s Grandmother
  • Tara Mahmood as Sofia Jalees Ahmad, Sameen Mother, Jalees’s Wife, Hamza & Roomi’s aunt,
  • Riffat’s alternate Son-in- law, Shajahan’s family & family-in- law
  • Amir Qureshi as Jalees Ahmad Riffat’s youthful son, Raees & Nafees’s Brother
  • Alyy Khan Nafees Ahmed, Riffat’s alternate son, Hala’s Father, Raees & Jalees’s Brother
  • Zoya Nasir as Sameen Jalees Ahmad. Sofia and Jalees Daughter, Raees’s Wife, Hala, Hamza & Roomi’s Kinsman
  • Angeline Malik as Hala’s mammy, Nafees’s Alternate Woman
  • Hira Khan as Roomi Raees Ahmad, Hala, Hamza & Sameen’s Kinsman, Shajahan & Raees’s son
  • Omer Shahzad as Khurram, Hala’sex-lover, Hala’s Stylish Friend’s Kinsman & Fiancée
  • Farah Nadeem as Khurram’s mama

Mere humsafar episode 1 story

Raess lives with his wife Shah Jahan, son Hamza and daughter Roomi. He swedge to brace living levy such as his son’s book and his mother’s medicine. In addition  His wife hands over her savings just so he would herd the book for her son.

Shah Jahan’s sister, Sofia is married to Raees’s brother Jalees, whose right hand was impede after getting fired by a bullet when trying to stop a robbery. Moreover his daughter Sameen is a top tombstone at school. Shah Jahan and Sofia’s mother-in-law is an inspired and egotistical woman who always censure her daughters-in-law for however liberate she comes up with.

Afterward the third brother, Nafees returns from London with his preschooler daughter, Hala after a divorce and a remarriage. Further with the new wife reprobate to keep his daughter, he’s enforced to petition his family here for help in convoy up his daughter. Reprobate at first, his mother finally concur to the affair of Hala stay put with them after Nafees gifts her a pair of earrings.


Moreover the design was first blazoned in August 2021 with the working title of Jhooti. Afterward director Qasim Ali Mureed told to further Dawn Images that it’s a family story with a love story in the middle of it. Furthermore the story touches upon contemporary issues and it’s all relatively relatable. Afterward the first look of the series was unveiled on 21 December 2021. The first occasion vented on 30 December 2021 on ARY Digital.

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