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Drama serial Mere Humsafar is a retrogressive family drama, it’s like any other undistinguished. This episode is not different from others as Hala continues to cry her pine. In the above, we lift a question that why Hala silently undergoes all this ferocity and we stand by our question. In this episode, Dadi is adamant that she will marry off Hala to Hamza even with all clashing!

The episode goes about with that all the time crying Hala undergoes all savagery of her Taya and Taee. Sofia has laid out a proposal for Rumi. We have not so far seen Hamza in this episode as well we are so apprehensively waiting for Farhan Saeed to add colors to such a painful story. Hala is direct to stay in her room during the guests’ presence.

Hania Amir

Hania Aamir is a Pakistani actress who debuted on television and in cinema on February 2, 1997. She had many dub hits, which caught the notice of producer Imran Kazmi, who put her in a supporting part in the Pakistani romantic comedy film Janaan, earning her a Lux Style Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

In the romantic television series Titli (2017), Aamir played a beauty-obsessed unfaithful wife, while in the melodrama Visual, he played a girl next door (2018). She went on to star as the female protagonist in the action-comedy Na Maloom Afraad 2 (2017) and the aerial combat-war picture Parwaaz Hai Junoon (2018), both of which are among the highest-grossing Pakistani films of all time, and she received recognition for her work in the 2019 romantic television series Anaa.

She featured alongside Ramsha Khan and Feroze Khan in the romantic drama Ishqiya in 2020. In the same year, she was praised for her performance as Sanam in Momina Duraid’s Dil Ruba, in which she played a flirty girl. She is now starring in two serials, Sang-e-Mah, and Mere Humsafar, in which she plays a girl next door alongside Farhan Saeed.

Farhan Saeed

Farhan Saeed Butt is an entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, actor, and music video director from Pakistan. Saeed is the owner of the Cafe Rock restaurant in Lahore and the former lead vocalist of the Pakistani band Jal. He sings in both Urdu and Punjabi. Saeed began acting in 2014 and rose to prominence thanks to his roles in the Hum TV series Udaari (2016) and Suno Chanda (2018).

With the 2018 music video for Hamza Malik’s O Jaana, starring actress Iqra Aziz and featuring musicians Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sahir Ali Bagga, he moved into directing.

Rumi’s love interest is another spin-off of what Rumi has seen in him

Rumi’s love interest is another spin-off of what Rumi has seen in him. He is a big-time loser and nothing but a lead on. Hala appears to be a mute girl who has no guts to give a shut-up call to him. When he leaves her in the bistro. She should have broken up with him but no still she picks up his call and listens to his gibberish. He has the daring to show her attitude. Rumi has closely no dorsum no agency.

Well, luck is not with Rumi at this time as well guests have selected Sameen in lieu of Rumi. Rumi is fiery with anger she leaves the room at once. Shahjahan notifies the guests that Sameen’s engagement has been firm with her son Hamza. Which Dadi blows everyone by saying that no way Sameen is not going to be Hamza’s bride. Hamza’s bride will be not a bit other than her Hala! Shahjahan is vastly mad at hearing this she defies her phupho and hit Hala like hell.

Raees is not in the goodwill of making Sameen his daughter-in-law

Dadi is still lasting that she will marry off Hala to Hamza. Shahjahan does the stunt of glowing herself when Raees stops her. Raees is not in the goodwill of making Sameen his daughter-in-law. As Jalees is not very well off and he wants to marry Hamza at some higher status. Sameen and her father are burst to hear Taya’s views. Hala is also astonished to hear her name with Hamza. We are uncomfortably waiting for the prince charming Hamza to come soon and save our Skivvy as she cannot help herself out.

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