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MERE HUMSAFAR episode 7 full promo| Full review


Mere Humsafar episode 7 the drama serial expression at ARY Digital is one painful story to watch. Hania Aamir’s act appears short in a few places and also her character has no firm and she is proving to be hopelessly voiceless. In the previous episode, Hala performs a botch of sharing details about Khurram with Samreen. In this episode, Hala’s Taya is marrying her off to a majority strange guy who works in his office. Definitely, Farhan Saeed makes his coming into the drama!

Mere Humsafar episode 7 review

Poor Hala enacts a huge gaffe of naive Samreen and shares her heart know to her but little does she know that Samreen is not as good as she is awaiting her to be. Samreen cannot repel her mother impel her and she shares Hala’s untold with her mother knowing how poorly she will get served by her family. Sofia shares this restriction of Hala with Shahjahan.

The beat we should await now from Shahjahan. She starts stickybeak on Hala’s discussion with Khurram and like look that she has something get in her front. For now, Hala’s Taya has fixed her wedding with his own office deputy. Naveed who is an oddity adulthood man surely not a good match for Hala. On top of that Hala’s father has sent him 50 Lakhs for her wedding one awe why he is not upset about her daughter to whom she is getting married? Hala’s Taya is planning to pay out only 50 Thousand on her wedding.

How can she apply such a botch?

Hala is so laughably silent that she has told about Khurram to Shafaq in her house showing Khurram’s mother and Shafaq’s mother how taciturn of her! How can she apply such a botch? She gets a stiff slap from Shafaq’s mother and she and Shafaq both get astonish by knowing that Khurram is duped by both of them. Anyway, Shafaq and Khurram’s mothers are not ready to stand Hala currently. They hurl her out of the house when Khurram appears.

Khurram scream at Shahjahan

Khurram scream at Shahjahan and that is one dull scene. Where Shahjahan tells Khurram that Hala is an astronomical liar and the truth is even different. Hala is false with him about her all the time. And she also tells him that she has fixed her wedding with her son Hamza, not Naveed. Khurram is so voiceless that he trusts her. And when he finds Hala at her place he starts to undo her calling her a liar. Poor Hala so broken and she in time admits to marrying Naveed. Well her marriage contract function is proceeding when Hamza makes his arrival.

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