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MERE HUMSAFAR episode 9 full promo| Full review


Ary Digital’s drama serial Mere Humsafar episode 9 around being a tedious watch to a Masala serial and now it has become our liable glee. One of the great reasons Farhan Saeed’s sweet screen presence. In the above episode, Hamza comes into the scene. In this episode, Hamza saves Hala and cancels her wedding.

Prince Charming for poor Hala

Hamza has gone around a Knight in the shining covering for the young lady in pain Hala. Being an average Charlady theme Hamza is no less than a Prince Charming for poor Hala. Why in the retrogressive serials it is every time shown that a hero comes and tow out the girl from a hard case why can’t a girl defy for her own herself?

It is Farhan Saeed’s attractive showing that has attached to this serial or else it is a badly written ordinary sort of serial with so many flaws and flaws in the narrative. How come a father who has given a big amount of 50 Lacs for her daughter’s wedding does not even heed to know with whom she is marrying? It looks like Hamza see that Hala being abuse by his own family but what’s new for him? Doesn’t he know that as a child?

Hamza save Hala

Hala’s stepparent turns to very wolfish people. Hamza is astound to hear their say about Hala they even earmark her character. Hamza forgets his cool and he starts to affront the people and cancels the wedding. He saves Hala from the stage and takes her to her room. The alchemy between Hania and Farhan is so starting and the scene in the room is fully pretty. Shah Jahan and Sofia fretted that how will they now get void of Hala? Taya urges that Hala should stay as no one heed well Dadi like her.

Shah Jahan abuse by Hala

Hamza is there for Hala all the time. Why he is not considering why Hala is so shy and scared all the time? Hamza kind of arch in the way he also turns to Samreen or maybe it just ponder he ponders her as her good friend. It looks like Hamza is related to Hala in the way he always heeds for her, unlike others. Afterward the episode ends when Shah Jahan abused by Hala and Hamza comes at the moment sees Hala crying. Moreover Will Hamza save Hala from his family’s ferocity the question is why Hamza has to save her why can’t Hala help herself she has a British Passport?

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