New Government summons army for security in Azadi March

PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his convoy arrived in the federal capital

As the situation in Islamabad became chaotic after PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his convoy arrived in the federal capital and began marching towards the city’s D-Chowk, the government decided to enlist the army’s assistance in order to maintain control and protect the government’s offices in the Red Zone.

According to the government, the army has been summoned to control the situation under Article 245 of the Constitution. According to an Islamabad Police spokesperson, the decision came after PTI workers staged violent rallies in the federal capital, clashing with law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and injuring many rangers, police, and Frontier Constabulary personnel. Rana Sanaullah, the Interior Minister, verified the news on Twitter.

Police in Islamabad has warned PTI workers not to enter the Red Zone.

Following the government’s decision to call in the army, the Islamabad Police Department issued a warning to demonstrators, asking them to stay out of the Red Zone.

“No one allow to enter the Red Zone. In accordance with the court’s instructions, all demonstrators and their leaders are asked to stay from visiting the said location “The Islamabad Police Department sent out a tweet.

‘There will be no needless use of force against protesters,’ says the Inspector General of Islamabad

Later, Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the Inspector-General of the Islamabad Police, made a statement saying that the police told not to use “unnecessary force” against the demonstrators.

“In Islamabad, the police and other law enforcement agencies are not carrying any guns. However, there is information that some of the protesters armed. Which could result in the loss of valuable lives. As a result, all protestors asked to keep the demonstration peaceful because it is part of a political process.”

Will not leave D-Chowk until the results of the elections are announce Imran Khan is a Pakistani politician

Khan and his caravan halted in Hasan Abdal on the route to the federal capital. Where he addressed his employees, saying that as soon as the police saw him approaching D-Chowk. They will realize that “we are here for jihad, not politics.”

Khan stated, “We will not leave D-Chowk till the government provides a date for the elections in the month of June.” Meanwhile, demonstrators who had already arrived in D-Chowk clashed with police. As a result, the LEAs opened fire on the protestors with tear gas shells. Following the cessation of shelling, PTI personnel reassembled at the crossroads. When the police saw this, they fired teargas shells to disperse the crowd once more.

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