Phone call load-shedding coming soon

Phone call load-shedding

Following the federal government’s rise in telecom tariffs, telecom companies have warned the public to expect regular ‘phone call’ disruptions across the country, similar to electricity load-shedding.

The news came out of a recent Senate Standing Committee on Finance hearing, where members from the telecom industry expressed major reservations about the tax hike.

Phone call load-shedding coming soon

Telecom representatives

During the conference, telecom representatives stated that the federal government has increased. The advance tax on imported fiber optic cable by 15% while increasing duty by 20%.

They said that telecom businesses are already dealing with a number of issues. And that raising taxes on fiber optic cable will add to the industry’s burden.

Telco representatives claimed that fiber optic cable is only used in 10% of towers across the country. And that until the government lowers fiber optic cable taxes. Pakistan will fall behind in the global connectivity race.

Fiber optic cable

They ask the committee to suggest to the government that import duties while on fiber optic cable be reduce to 8%. The telecom businesses assure that their suggestions forwarded to the government by the committee.

“Fibre optic use on only 10% of towers across Pakistan,” they stated. After the difficult decisions in the telecom sector, we will lose the global contest. People won’t be able to use ATMs till fibre optic links installed.”

After hearing the telecom companies’ views, the Senate committee suggested that the federal government lower appropriate levies on fibre optic imports.

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