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Sang e Mah Episode15 Review

Sang e Mah

Sang e Mah is one of the most top ranking drama airing on Hum tv. Drama is now 15 episodes down includes very talented and extremely intriguing characters which makes the drama more interesting and due to this play has become one of the most engaging serials.  Performance by every character is just so expressive . In the lastest episode Hilmand expresses himself towards Sheharzade by giving her his ring studded with moonstone.

Episode-15 Review

In the previous episode, we saw that Sheharzade past is haunting her after many years came back in front of  her. But somehow Sheharzade manages to escape from the hospital by taking refuge at the nurse’s place. Doctor behaved quite aggressively and is extremely furious because of the sudden escape of the patient but main reason the doctor’s aggression was because patient left without clearing his dues. Doctor’s investigate every employee, the nurse the doctor taking care of Hilmand and the gate keeper too but he was unable to get any clue. Well, everyone was wondering that how Hilmand manages to escape in such  a critical situation.

Sang e Mah Episode15
Sang e Mah Episode15 Review

In the very next scene, Hilmand was shown lying unconsciously in a room with a cross sign on the wall. Sheharzade was sitting in the same room with the hospital nurse which showed that nurse took a great risk and helped them to escape by risking  her own life and job. Not only this but she also offer them her house to stay as this was a huge favor to do.

Main Highlight of the scene 

Main highlight of the episode was the interaction between Hilmand and Sheharzade. Hilmand heard the conversation between the doctor  and  Sheharzade he said many mixed meaning dialogues and the way dialogue was delivered was just amazing. Hilmand said that they both have troubling pasts and truths they want to hide. After that Hilmand slides his moonstone ring on Sheharzade finger. This scene makes the audience curious and conscious at the same time that whether this is a sign of love? Or he is just expressing the sign of his gratitude for her care?

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