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The countries where people eat cats and dogs for dinner

Taiwan has banned the vend and eating of cats and dogs behind a series of ferocity cases that begin global fury.

The new Animal Defence Act will see anyone vend, eating or buying the cats and dogs for expending coating thin of up to £6,500. Those begin to blame of animal savagery could as well receive a vas sheer of £52,000 and two years in prison.

Taiwan is the first Asian country to rift down on the doing. The new law gear fixed cultural faith over the sake of eating dogs  for example, eating black dogs in winter is assume to help you stick hot. It was shove along by President Tsai exceptional, who take on three former usher dogs last year and also has two cats, named Cookie and A-Tsai.The countries where people eat cats and dogs for dinner

So what about the rest of the continent?

The use of eating cats and dogs has set off less common as pet holding get up, and new cohort have different view to eating private animals.

But a guess 30 million dogs over Asia, plus loot family pets, are still killed for human use every year, according to the Humane Association International. While not global, the aid says the use is most common in China, South Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and the region of Nagaland in India.


Even if valid sum are difficult to attain, China is trust to be oversee for the most of global cases of cat and dog kill. Each year, around four million cats and 10 million dogs are trust to be kill in the country. The Humane Society says the most are loot pets and drift that are catch and stay in coop. The oral history of eating dogs dates back thousands of years, even though they are frequently retain as pets.

Each year in June, the city of Yulin in southern China hosts a dog meat festival, where live dogs and cats are barter particularly for eating and an approximate 10,000 are kill for their meat.

But last year saw big fuss against the festival from within China along with in the West.

South Korea

Dog meat has long exist a familiar constituent in repast in countries like China and South Korea. In South Korea, dog meat salver are so rude that they have their retain name Gaegogi. The country has a guess 17,000 dog farms, according to the Humane Society, where animals are ordinarily get ready for human use.

Even so, alike to other countries, force from comfort groups is having an crash. In February, the large dog meat market in Seongnam was closed down as part of a vast repression onwards of the country’s hosting of the Winter Olympics next year.


All over five million dogs are trust to be butcher for eating in the country each year. And the order has steer to a criminal dealings from bordering countries, as well as Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The Asia Canine Protection Alliance (Acpa), which foyer governments to try to end the dog meat trade, says there is some proof that the dog meat trade is wild to humans, major to a swell in malady like lyssa.

Acpa’s hub is to end the illicit trade of dogs from Thailand and Laos into Vietnam, where an guess five million dogs are kill every year for human use, by go about both the lay on of dogs from Thailand and Laos, and the dictate for dogs for utilization in Vietnam.

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