Vivo Launching Its X Series in Pakistan

X series smartphone release on May 16, 2022

Vivo, a major worldwide technology company, said today that the X80, its flagship X series smartphone, will be released on May 16, 2022. The V1+ Chip, which is a full tailor integrated circuit chip dedicated to imaging and video applications with cutting-edge visual quality, is use in the phone. This is the company’s first independent R&D and chip design success.

The V1+ imaging chip responds to user demands by tailoring processing to usage and lighting conditions. ZEISS Optics also use in the next smartphone, with all lenses satisfying ZEISS T* Coating requirements. The feature can assist capture the world accurately and in true colors by reducing light reflection and thus stray light.Vivo X60 Pro Smartphone

ZEISS Professional Video features in action with the X80

Consumers will be able to see the ZEISS Professional Video features in action with the X80.  Moreover It comes with ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh, which aids in the coin of professional videos with styles suitable for the large screen.

It faithfully recreates the look of ZEISS film lenses and produces distinctive oval flares in movies and photographs. The V1+ Chip’s AI Video Enhancement recognizes and enhances night scene video automatically.

However This feature uses video frame extraction, large range hyper-lapse, and other techniques to boost image clarity and dynamic range, allowing for the capture of realistic time-lapse moments.

Vivo has also integrated 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization, which keeps the subject stable even when they rotate during incredibly athletic moments

“We are quite happy to deliver the next X series smartphone to the market because of the smartphone’s professional-grade camera system, among other capabilities, however ” Zohair Chohan, Director of Brand Strategy at Vivo Pakistan, said of the anticipated arrival of the Vivo X80 in Pakistan.

“Given ZEISS’ expertise in optical technology. Our continuous relationship with ZEISS for Vivo’s X series smartphones lends the camera system a strategic mark. That collaboration has only grown stronger with each Vivo smartphone thanks to inventive technology innovation. Afterward the X80 will be no different; for users. The smartphone will improve professional filmmaking and photography capabilities,” he noted.

Vivo’s V1+ Chip

Vivo’s V1+ Chip, which will be a huge compliment to Vivo achieving professional smartphone photography. Is another invention that surpasses its fame. We hope that smartphone fans are just as eager to explore and unfurl the device’s enchantment, Zohair added.

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