What is Sciatica its Causes and Cures

What is Sciatica ?

There is pain from the lower back to the hips, and to the torso, which is caused by the sciatic nerve being affected. It develops due to harmful changes in the spinal cord. Although it causes severe pain, with regular treatment the symptoms begin to improve within two to three weeks. Se
Sciatica s disease is common in men and women up to 40 years of age

Causes of Sciatica


Causes of sciatica: Wherever the nerve endings (sciatic nerve) , this pain is also there. According to the ancient experts, one of the causes of this pain is that the vein called ‘Nisa’ is filled with black and thick blood, which causes pain and tension in the vein. Because there are small holes in the veins, the absorption of outside air also creates a waste. In modern times it is said that it is a pain of the nerves, that is, the sciatic nerve passes from the great lumbar vertebrae to the feet. This nerve spreads to both legs, but often one of the legs is painful.

Also, as time goes on, this pain continues to move downwards, until the pain reaches the fingers, it starts with pain up to the knees. This weakens the feet and thighs, as these organs cannot absorb food due to the severity of the pain. Some people considered it from back pain. Back pain is most often in the middle of the lower back and is caused by the kidneys or a cold, hardening of the bones, and back pain. It passes through the hip and one side of the leg is unable to move, the skin feels like an ant is moving, the leg and skin become numb.

This pain is more common in women than in men because they are more sensitive, often the root cause of this pain is injury, mental fatigue, grief and anger and over thinking. Deficiency of certain vitamins also causes this pain which includes vitamin B12 and magnesium in the top. In men also boring and low tempered, irritable often suffer from this pain. There were also people who used sleeping pills frequently, but did not consume soft foods such as milk, ice cream, etc.

How to get rid of Sciatica?

Treatment of sciatica ends with some precautionary measures, but it can be repeated. Exercise regularly with instruction and training from an expert otherwise Improper exercise can also reverse the situation. Be careful in sitting and standing positions.. If you have to stand and work for a long time, take a break in between. Similarly, when there is pain, it is very beneficial to hit ice and hot packs Take the medicine regularly that the doctor recommends for pain and swelling Take precautions in food. Eat a balanced diet. Use soft drinks, milk, juices. Drink plenty of water. .Sciatica and its causes and cures is teach you Sciatica is curable.
In short, precaution is always better than cure. Value your mental health wellness. Positive Thinking, with proper and simple diet, if you get into the habit of exercise, you will never get sick.

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