Why Dania Shah Files a Divorce From Amir Liaquat

Aamir Liaquat’s Third Wife Dania Shah Files for Divorce

Syeda Dania Shah the third wife of MNA Aamir Liaquat Hussain revealed she had filed for divorce from her husband, and the famous TV celebrity unfollowed Dania Shah on Instagram.

On Saturday, Dania Shah had filed for a khula (woman’s right to divorce) from her husband, saying that the lawgiver was not how he appeared on TV and “is best than the devil “Talking about her correlation with her husband, Dania said that Aamir is not how he appears on television and said that her four months of marriage with him was nothing but “hell”.

In response to her assertion, Aamir Liaquat shared a few voice notes on his Instagram handle. On one of his Instagram stories, he adores his first and second wives and said. “While they were not divorced, the two were gentle.” He said they “did not decay his notability “. Liaquat said his first two wives first remove his name from their names and look for a divorce later. Denounce Dania, Liaquat mentioned, “How daring you are to get a divorce at the age of 15, now I spurn you”.

Dania Shah Approaches Court For a Divorce

A day earlier, Syeda Dania Shah had filed for a khula (woman’s right to divorce) from her husband. Saying that the lawgiver was not like how he seemed on TV and “is worse than the devil”. Dania suppose that the PTI lawmaker use to keep her in a small room. “He beats me after being buzz. “Dania said, adding that “Aamir is bullying me and my family with a severe conclusion. “Apart from divorce, Dania pressed on other cases in a family court. In her appeal, she has request the court to order her husband to pay the Haq Mehr of over Rs115 million, house, and jewelry.

The hearing of the case is set to take place on June 7.

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